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Region: head, brain, severe pain, migraines an sinusitis, head injuries, fevers, cuts and scars, Talents: new beginings, pinoneering spirit, courage, entrepreneurship, energy, dynamism an competitiveness, impulsiveness, selfishness and haste, reckless.
Region: kidney diseases, urunary tract, cystitis, vascular problems, skin, diabetes, ears. Talents: diplomatic, balanced, sociable, appreciation for art and romance, indecision, harmonic, pasrtner, friendly.
Region: lung, thighs, femur, hip, buttocks and liver, sciatic nerve pain, cramps, overeating, high cholesterol and obesity. Talents: Expansion, luck, optimism, adventure, comprehensive, philosophical, excessive, sincere, rude and irresponsible, fanatical.
Region: problems with speech, lung, respiratory diseases, hands and clavicles. Talents: intelligence, sociability, communication, curiosity, shallow learning, flexibility, dispersion, over-speaking, versatile, dual, fickle.
Region: heart, heart problems, infarction, angina, stroke, coronary heart disease, back pain. Talents: confidence, enthusiasm, generosity and creativity, arrogance, self-centeredness, laziness, creativity, boldness, authority and domination.
Region: ankles, tendons and heels, circulatory system, blood disorders, palpitations, thrombosis, hypertension, nervous system, spasms, allergy. Talents: creativity, humanitaran, revolutionary, original, eccentricity, rebellion, rationality, free, unpredictable, unconventional.
Region: digestive system, gastritis and ulcers, breast problems, PMS, endometriosis, diseases of the gynecological and reproductive system, somatization of symptoms. Talents: Protective, friendly, sensitive, loving and receptive, emotional instability, past attachment, and dependence on.
Region: bones and skeleton, joint, posture, arthritis, tendons, osteoporosis, and fragility in teeth, nails and skin, endocrine system. Talents: Responsability, focus, organization, ambition, hard worker, excessive rigidity, pessimism, greed, prudent, serious, disciplined.
Region: feet, lymphatic system, kidneys, bladder, poisoning, addictions, allergy, sleep problems, homeopathy and acupunture treatments. Talents: mystical, intuitive, emphatic, fanciful, dreamer, art, sensitivity, spirituality, alienated, emotional instability, escape from reality.
Region: hypochondria, somatization of symptoms, small intestine, gallbladder, abdomen, neck, constipation, dysentery. Talents: efficiency, practicality, dedication, organization, observation, too critical, analytical, interest in health.
Region: Genital and reproductive organs, hemorrhoids, constipation, problems with menstrual cycles. Talents: intense, passionate, transformative, deep, intuitive, enigmatic, healing, possesive, vindictive, mysterious, research, regeneration.
Region: throat, voice, pharynx and larynx, thyroid, adenoid, neck pain, diet, obesisty, anorexia, rectum, anus. Talents: determination, stability, perseverance, sensuality and practicality, stubbornness, laziness, possessions, materialism, stable, slow, vain.